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AMC Theatres Refuse Ad For Church During Gibson Film Release

Although the ad followed all of the guidelines given, AMC Theatres rejects the 30-second spot from the Baptist General Convention of Texas as “too Christian”

bq.. _DALLAS — The Baptist General Convention of Texas says AMC Theatres are refusing to accept a 30-second ad timed to coincide with the Ash Wednesday opening of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”_

_The ad opens with a young man asking, “You want to see the most scandalous story ever?”_

_Words then flash on the screen: “Betrayal. Sin. Adultery. Greed. Envy. Weakness. Poverty. Torture. Murder.” The actor then says, “Redemption.”_

_The black-and-white ad ends with the message, “Now playing at a Baptist church near you.”_

_The Baptist convention’s Becky Bridges says AMC officials described the ad as “too dark” and “too Christian.” But she said, “We followed all their regulations: Not using Jesus, Bible or any other overt God talk.”_

_Bridges adds that they also avoided using religious symbols “or other things that might appear to be judgmental or proselytizing.”_

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One Response to “AMC Theatres Refuse Ad For Church During Gibson Film Release”

  1. In the world since 9/11, we needed this movie, whether our faith wanted this or not, it’s about the Passion of Christ that is in the Bible, that we have all learned about in Church & Catholic schools of years ago. All people are thinking about is their egos, the idol gods of power & money now-a-days. This movie shows us what truly matters in the world and what God truly wants us to see now. I know that He is angry at the stupidity that others hold since 9/11. At least Mel Gibson believes in something, not like the other braindead people in this country as well as overseas. I don’t remember the words off hand, but before you go throwing stones, look at your life. Have you gone beyond yourself and become a better person for it, Mel Gibson has, even through the criticism, he plows forward, never stopping. If anyone deserves God’s blessing, he has been blessed. People are seeing to much into it and it’s their stupidity that creates problems for all.

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