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Bomb hits Egypt church at New Year’s Mass, 7 dead – AP

New Year Brings New Hope for Bible Literacy – Christian Post

NCSE’s Joshua Rosenau on Abortion and Murder – Evolution News & Views

Next Year’s Wars: The 16 brewing conflicts to watch for in 2011 – Foreign Policy

Evangelicals offer redemption at Cambodia’s girlie bars – Global Post

Battles of a book: The King James Bible’s history of dissent and inspiration – The Independent

Abortion Takes Flight – New York Times

Abortion Takes Flight – New York Times

Christians Are Casualties of Baghdad Bomb Attacks – New York Times

The Vatican Creates a Financial Watchdog – New York Times

Nigeria’s Christians Condemn Ongoing Attacks

The largest Christian body in Nigeria issued a statement Friday that condemned the recent attacks against Christians that began Christmas weekend.

Majority of Voters Oppose FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

A majority of American voters are against efforts by the FCC to regulate the Internet, a new Rasmussen poll finds. Under net neutrality, internet service providers must provide equal access to all legal Web content on their networks.

Christian Bargain Hunters Offered Spiritual, Financial Tips for 2011

A Christian author, financial columnist and die-hard bargain hunter shared tips on not only how to manage finances in 2011, but also grow spiritually in the New Year

Alveda King: MTV Mom Told Same Abortion Lie Decades Later

Dr. Alveda King sympathized with the star of MTV’s abortion special, saying that abortionists told her the same “a little ball of cells” lie too.

IHOP Restaurant Drops Trademark Lawsuit against Ministry

IHOP the pancake restaurant chain recently dropped its lawsuit against IHOP the church, according to court records. IHOP had filed a lawsuit against the International House of Prayer, an evangelical missions organization,in September over trademark inf…

Atheists Complain of "Spirituality" in Army’s Mental Health Program

Atheist organization Freedom from Religion Foundation demanded the Army halt a spiritual fitness program designed to combat stress because its diagnostic tool allegedly promotes religion.

New Year Brings New Hope for Bible Literacy

As people draft New Year’s resolutions, many Christians are adopting plans to read the entire Bible in 2011. The Center for Bible Engagement found that only one-third of Americans read the Bible every week, and even fewer, 13.9 percent, do so on most …

The Tri-Centrality of the Gospel

There’s a lot of discussion taking place regarding the essence of the Gospel. People are asking questions like “What is the center of the Gospel?”

Persecution in Iraq

Finally, a major news outlet reports on the persecution of Iraqi Christians. But I have to wonder if the Administration is reading the headlines.

Nebraska Senator Takes on Teleabortion

Nebraska State Senator Tony Fulton has pledged to take on chemical abortion drugs offered remotely through video conferencing in the New Year.