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The Power of Congressional Oversight

The Power of Congressional Oversight

Congressman: 2 TV evangelists make internal reforms in wake of questions

Editorial: Update tax rules for religious groups – Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Group’s study of housing allowance, love offerings could impact churches – Baptist Press

Summary of Significant Ideas, Issues and Questions Raised by Senator Grassley’s Staff – ECFA

Mac Hammond named in report on preachers who prosper – Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Back to business as usual – Bene Diction

Grassley inquiry leads to church tax policy proposals – Tampa Tribune

Televangelists Pass Senate Probe, But New Commission Formed – Charisma News

Tax-Exempt Ministries Avoid New Regulation – New York Times

Senate audit critical of TV preacher Kenneth Copeland – WFAA

Televangelist Watchdog says He’s “Disappointed” with Grassley Result – Religion Dispatches

Sarah Posner: Grassley’s televangelist investigation. Both ECFA and Grassley agree that issues should be resolved without "burdensome" govt intervention.

ECFA to Lead Independent Commission on Major Accountability and Policy Issues for Churches and Other Religious Organizations – Christian Newswire

Grassley Staff Memo Makes Clear Religious Right Opposition To Government Oversight – Religion Dispatches

Senator Punts Televangelist Inquiry For "Self-Reform Within The Community" – Religion Dispatches

Televangelists escape penalty in Senate inquiry – AP

"Grassley's staff said in the report that they did not issue subpoenas to further the investigation because witnesses feared retaliation if they spoke out publicly and the Finance Committee did not have the time or resources to enforce the su…

Grassley to become top Republican on Judiciary Committee – Quad-City Times