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How Much Does God Love Us? – John Dillard

How much does God love us? Think about it. There was a time that I thought the deepest love I had was for my parents, brothers and sisters and I still have very deep love for them. But then I had the privilege of experiencing the birth of my first chil…

Opinion: True Love Waits – I don’t wait anymore

Opinion: True Love Waits – I don’t wait anymore

Video: The Story of Ian & Larissa

I can only hope my daughter will be someone as strong as Larissa and my boys find a girl like Larissa.

Fathers of U.S. teacher, killer meet at Iraq funeral

Ten Ways to Get the Right Guy to Like You (great teen resource by blimeycow)

“Love Worth Fighting For” Event Featuring Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield Returns for Third Season

How to Become Your Spouse’s Best Friend – Michael Hyatt

Love thy neighbor: Son’s killer moves next door