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Hatch: Obamacare Designed to Become Single Payer System, ‘They Know It’s Going to Fail’

Bible doesn’t command wealth redistribution, presenters say at theological meeting

Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System

Germany: Jews, Muslims, Christians protest circumcision ban

Class Warfare As Covetousness – Craig Vincent Mitchell

Christian Man Sentenced Over AZ Home Bible Studies Told to Report to Jail

Reporter poses as a homeless man in NYC – and guess how much he made

Shock: British Teens Have as Many as Seven Abortions

Protesters rush into building housing Obama campaign headquarters

Protesters rush into building housing Obama campaign headquarters

Obama Calls for More Redistribution of Wealth, Declaring: ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’

UK Schools ban children making best friends

Really? Total control means total control. When will people wake up?

Obama to UAW: ‘Trying to Climb to the Very Top’ Is ‘Greed,’ Not What America’s ‘About’

"Alternative Seminary" Surmises Virgin Mary was Marxist?

Gallup: Today’s Democrats Twice as Likely as Depression-Era Americans to Favor Redistributing Wealth – CNS News

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